Legend is that here near Angkor Wat King Jayavarman-II declared independence fron Javanese rule in AD 802 and proclaimed himself as “Universal Monarch” or Devraj. He became the first ruler of Chenla or Khemer kingdom. He set down the foundation of a greatest Empire in South East Asia & lasted for 600 years.The Khamer Empire controll part of Modern Laos,Vietnam,Mayanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. In 1431 Ankorian era came to an end.  Attracted by ample of cultivable land and water Khemer left their old capital Roulus and established a new city arround 900 AD. Massive building of new temple city started. New ruller Hindu turn Buddhist had to display power and wealth keeping God in his side.The new settlement started to flourish day by day ending in AD 1431.images (29)-ANKOR WAT