The Royal Indian Navy which came back to India after Word War-2, few of them stationed in Bombay dock including HMIS Talwar & HMIS Hindustan. Marine of these ships started a strike on 18 February,1946 due to 4 main complains.
1) Poor grade of food supply to them. 2) Fear of being decommissioned
3)Treatment and punishment meted out to I.N.A prisoners of Subhash Bose 4) Misbehavior of British officer even on Indian soil.
They had high range radio communication on INS Talwar & started their communication with other ships on Indian shore and information were shared from Karachi to Kolkota and Chitagong. Soon . Next day 70 ships Flew the tricololor with flag of Muslim league & Communist Party of India.Now the striker had 70 ships joining them and 20 shore station. The mutineer moved to take controoll of ammunation dump of Butcher Island  and wireless transmitting station of KIRKEE near PUNE The Communist party CPI(M)supported them but Jinnha & congress party denounce the revolution.
Indian officers of RIAF refused to fly out troops and transport unit refused to ferry British troops. Indian Pilot refused to fly to bomb the ships.On the morning of February26,1946 troops in signal training center of Jabalpur defied the British Officers and broke free from their barrack. The mutiny of navy was gaining momentum and turning to be a revolution.
Looking into situation going out of control- The commander in chief
of British Indian Army Sir Claude Achinleck sent several secret cable to London discussing quick transfer of Power from British to Indian hand.
Sir Stafford Crips, spoke in a debate to British House of Commons
“The Indian Army in India is not obeying the British officers. Our British Officers have been demobilized after the war. Their presence is required here in England to repair the factories damaged by Hitlers Bombers. More ever after 5.5 years of war the Britishers there wants to return to their Kith & Kin. More ever in a vast country of 400 million we have to keep permanent British Army. We do not have such an army or manpower nor money to maintain.”