The discovery of fire was one of the earliest discoveries of humans.It`s purposes are multiple, some of which are to add light and heat, to cook plants and food.

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Fire was discovered nearly 4,000,000 years ago by early man to get light and heat but uncontrolled.

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The control use of fire was more necessary than it`s discovery. In modern age it has plenty of use from cooking ot iron smelting, after Industrial Revolution.
Uncontrolled use of fire caused destruction of cities many a time. In 406 the great fire of Rome is most famous.London in 1135 and 1212. Amsterdam 2 times in 1421 and 1452. Washington White House in 1841 .
Accidental death due to burn per year in India is between 25,000 to 30,000.
Fire making in control box only came in 1911. The first patented diamond brand match box was sold 500 billion annually. Till now no other cheaper product has replaced it- which we must think as it has already completed 100 years of it`s  patent .

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