Today’s consumer business world is designed to suit the.

Extreme upper class, even though they are not   the ones buying.

the products. To some degree, an entire pyramid of people .Profits from it, but the general structure is directed by the extremely small and wealthy minority at the top of it, whose Interests are unrelated to (and probably incompatible with)

Your and the rest of the majority.

You are being urged to live in whatever ways will benefit the

Personal finances of this minority. They encourage the Normalization of beliefs that suit their business model:

Consumer debt is unavoidable and acceptable. Forty hours is

the minimum number of hours one should expect to work.

Personal ambition is appropriate in the workplace only. Are ought  to be unprofitable by its nature.

Different sellers are competing to train different behaviors, but

What they all have in common is that they discourage personal.Growth — because growth leads to increased fulfillment and

Increased fulfillment leads to decreased sales.