Fonddly called as The Kao boys of Raw was founded by Rameswar Nath Kao in i968 during Prime minister ship of Indira Gandhi.RNKao passed Indian Imprrial Service and was Superintentent of Police of Kanpur prior to Independance. He was a Kashmiri Brahmin and brought up in Gowaliar.He passed MA in English from Lucnow University and got IIPS.
After Independence he was engaged in Security of Jawaharlal Nehru. Later on got into I.B..In 1952 he was sent to China to investigate the Kasmir Princes aircraft Tragedy

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RAW-The brain child of Kao
Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) was established in 1968 under legendary spymaster R. N. Kao for gathering intelligence on foreign governments after failure of Intelligence bureau in 1947 Indo-Pakistan war and Indo China war in 1962. It was started by initiative the then PM of India Indira Gandhi .
The legendary creator … Rameshwar Nath Kao or Ramjee was only photographed twice in his lifetime despite being RAW chief for both Indira and RajivGandhi’s governments.
R&AW -was instrumental in the formation of the Bangladeshi guerilla organization Mukti Bahini and responsible for supplying information, providing training and heavy ammunition to Mukti Bahini.

RAW conducted large-scale mutinies and attacked Pakistani Army locations in Bangladesh. RAW knew in advance where Pakistani top officials are going to be and at what time.
Pakistani Governor and RAW On the morning of 14 December 1971, a message was intercepted by Indian Intelligence concerning a high-level meeting of the civilian administration in East Pakistan. Within 15 minutes of the interception of the message, a strike was launched against Dhaka. Terrorize by accuracy and impact Pakistanis in Bangladesh surrendered on that day.

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Saving Afghanistan

RAW helped anti Taliban Northern Alliance to fight and survive against ISI Taliban forces. Post 9/11 RAW has provided USA with accurate intelligence on Taliban facilitating many accurate strikes.

R&AW was the first intelligence agency to determine the extent of the Kunduz airlift, now famous as “Airlift of Evil” in which Pakistani air force evacuated thousands of top commanders and members of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, ISI and Pakistan Army officers. See link The ‘airlift of evil’

Avengers of Mumbai attack

Few hours before Mumbai attacks, a RAW technician monitoring satellite transmissions picked up conversations between attackers and handlers, as the attackers were sailing toward Mumbai. RAW believed that they were worrying and immediately alerted the office of the National Security Advisor. However, the intelligence was ignored. See link Why politicians won’t get off the line

On 15 January 2010, RAW agents nabbed Sheikh Abdul Khwaja, one of the handlers of the 26/11 attacks, chief of HuJI India operations and a most wanted terror suspect in India, from Colombo, Sri Lanka and brought him over to Hyderabad, India for formal arrest.

Legends of RAW – The Black Tiger

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Ravindra Kaushik was a RAW agent who was sent to Pakistan in 1973. He was given the name Nabi Ahmed Shakir. He got into the Pakistan Army as a civilian clerk and later on in Military Accounts Department.

From 1979 to 1983, while in jobs associated with the military, he passed on valuable information to RAW which was of great help to the Indian defense forces. He was called The black Tiger in intelligence circles.

10arjun3-B War - Copy

Photograph of Ravindra Kaushik. That was RAW in 1983 /

Finally, I can say with confidence that RAW is very capable spy agency that has handled Pakistan very beautifully despite several suicidal steps by our politicians like former PM I K Gujral who asked RAW to dismantle entire Pakistan network.RAW is force to fear for our adversaries and as we can see from allegations by Pakistan that PM Modi   wants to destabilise Pakistan.

During this time RAW was fondly called as “The Kao boys of Raw”..
Its work in India and Pakistan  is parallel to the work of MOSAD in it`s neighbour.