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Delivering emails to your customers inboxes is crucial to your email marketing’s success. A 2011 industry research revealed that only 2% of mailbox users check their spam folders on a regular basis. It means that if your newsletter lands in the junk folder, it will remain unnoticed and your sales will suffer drastically.

Since one out of every six emails isn’t delivered successfully, you should leverage GetResponse features and the steps mentioned below tomaximize your chance for hitting the inbox.

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In order to ensure an impeccable delivery of your emails, make sure you follow these seven steps:
PERMISSION. Never send emails to people that didn’t opt-in to receive them. They’ll mark your emails as spam and the rest of your newsletter volume will suffer.
FREQUENCY. Send at least one newsletter a month. If you fail to keep in touch, subscribers will forget they gave you a permission to email them and will mark your newsletters as spam.
SPAM CHECK. Always run a SpamScore Check in the Email Creatorbefore you send your campaign. It’ll tell you if there’s a chance that the email will land in the spam folder.
CONTENT. Keep the content of your emails clean. Watch out for risky words (“buy”, “promo”, “free”) and don’t overdo them. They can alert the spam filters.
WHITELISTING. Ask every subscriber to add your FROM: address to their address book. It’ll be “whitelisted” and all your emails will land in their inbox.
INBOX PREVIEW. Make sure you use this feature to test if youremails display correctly. Problems with the HTML code can also affect the delivery of your emails.
AVOID GIMMICKS. It’s that simple. Don’t make any fake promises in the subject line or promote products you can’t deliver. This can cost you more than good deliverability.images-1-gmailhspanigrahi