download-ajit-d-quoteimagesajit-davolAjit Doval is famous in Pakistani media as INDIAN JAMES BOND !
Ajit Doval shared an incident in an event which took place in Pakistan during his stay of 7 years as an undercover agent of India.
He told that once he was coming out a mosque as he was undercover so he changed his appearance and way of wearing clothes so that no one can doubt on him.
One man sitting at a short distance in a corner with long white beard called him to have a chat. As soon as he reached him the man said that you are HINDU.Ajit Doval refused and said I am a Muslim.The man took him through 4-5 streets and then into a small room. The white bearded man once again said that you are a HINDU.Ajit Doval refused and asked why are you asking it repeatedly ?
The man replied that he(Ajit Doval) has a piercing in his ear which mostly HINDUS prefer not MUSLIMS.Then ajit doval said that I was born a hindu but I converted to muslim. The man advised him to fill that piercing by plastic surgery.Ajit doval asked why is he so concerned about him ?
He replied that he is also a Hindu & give Ajit  Doval a proof he opened his cupboard and showed him small statues of Shivaji and Durgaji.