The Pandava hero Bhima was the nemesis of forest-dwelling Rakshasas who dined on human travellers and terrorized human settlements.

Hidimba was a cannibal Rakshasa who was slain by Bhima. The Mahabharata (Book I: Adi Parva, Section 154) describes him as a cruel cannibal with sharp, long teeth and prodigious strength. When Hidimba saw the Pandavas sleeping in his forest, he decided to eat them. He made the mistake of sending his sister Hidimbi to reconnoiter the situation, and the damsel fell in love with the handsome Bhima, whom she warned of the danger. Infuriated, Hidimba declared himself ready to kill not only the Pandavas but also his sister, but he was thwarted by the heroism of Bhima, who defeated and killed him in a duel.

Ghatotkacha, was the son of Bhima and Hidimbi. His name refers to his round bald head with ghata meaning pot and utkacha meaning head in Sanskrit.

Ghatotkacha, when he was young, lived with his mother Hidimbi, when one day he had a fight with Abhimanyu, his cousin, without knowing that Abhimanyu was Arjuna’s son.

Ghatotkacha is considered to be a loyal and humble figure. He made himself and his followers available to his father Bhima at any time; all Bhima had to do was to think of him and he would appear. Like his father, Ghatotkacha primarily fought with the mace.

Rigveda 7.104.24

O warrior! You should destroy both the male Rakshas and female Rakshas who kills by deceit . May such Rakshas not see the light of dawn.

They are termed as Yatudhaan (those who attack human dwellings) and Kravyaad (those who eat raw flesh).

Rigveda 7.104.17

A female Rakshasi who like an owl ventures out to kill in night should be destroyed along with other Rakshas.

Rigveda 7.104.18

O Powerful Ones! You should stand up to protect the masses and capture the Rakshas who intend to kill and destroy peace in night.

Rigveda 7.104.21

The king should destroy those Rakshas who kill others and destroy peaceful activities.

Rigveda 7.104.22

Destroy the Rakshas who attack like an owl, hound, wolf , eagle or vulture.

Rigveda 7.104.15

May I be killed today itself, if I become a Yatudhaan (one who attacks human dwellings) or reduce the life of any human. But if I am not so, those who falsely implicate me as being a Yaatudhaan be destroyed.